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Aquabike Hydrorider PRO

Aquabike Hydrorider PRO

After thorough researches all over the World, Aquam has found the best aquacycling bike: the Italian Hydrorider. This aquabike is known for its reliability, stability and design. The company manufacturing this bike has more than 40 year of experience in the production of stainless steel equipments. The Hydrorider Aquabike Professional is a unique aquacycling bike made of marine stainless steel AISI 316L (rust proof), that allows the users to pedal while immersed in the water taking advantage of the many benefits of the aquatic environment.

The Hydrorider Aquabike Professional was created to satisfy the increasing demand for activities in water. Its multipurpose use makes it a unique piece of equipment. Thanks to this innovative exercise, aquacycling users can obtain great results in terms of wellness, athletic training and rehabilitation. It could be an asset for fitness facilities, wellness and spa centers, recreation centers, medical facilities, hotels and private pools. Pool depth required: 3’7” to 4’8” (110-145cm).

Six reasons for choosing Hydrorider
• Reliable and resistant for long term use
• Made for continuous daily use
• Adjustable resistance at three levels: light, moderate and intense training
• Completely adjustable frame for a custom fit
• Requires low to no maintenance
• High technical performance that allows many different applications: aquacycling, circuit training,

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