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Aquam 3 meter diving tower

Aquam 3 meter diving tower

Created in 2007, the 3-m diving tower is now regarded as the standard in Quebec. Engineers, architects, consultants, purchasers – and, of course, users – acknowledge the products’ quality and the technical advance it constitutes. Aquam’s 3-m diving tower features a door that you may lock with a key so as to keep it accessible only when a lifeguard is around to keep watch over the area.
The addition of a staircase with landings, as well as translucent panels on the safety guards, truly makes this product unique, significantly enhancing the users’ safety. Being entirely made of 304-grade stainless steel grants the diving tower a durability that other products cannot offer. Particular attention has been given to its weekly maintenance. Indeed, the whole structure is now powder-coated, which eliminates the need to scrub the stainless steel surface on a regular basis. Moreover, since 2014, the tempered glass panels have been replaced with slightly textured, patterned polymer panels. This improvement makes the diving tower all the more visually appealing and eliminates 90% of the panels’ need for maintenance

Now regarded as the best product on the market.

  • U-shaped, 24 " staircase with a landing, permitting single-file use only
  • Solid guard rails with no opening under the handrail, to prevent children from slipping out underneath
  • Transparent railing made of synthetic polymer allowing constant visual contact between supervising lifeguard and users
  • 1 1/2-in handrail offers easy grip for small hands

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