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Duramax JR TRC

Duramax JR TRC

Designed for smaller commercial swimming pools like those found in smaller hotels, motels and apartment complexes. This reliable robot completely scrubs clean any pool, whatever the  configuration and surface type. Inside the vacuum, a reusable microfilter traps everything from leaves and pine needles to pollen and algae without clogging the pool’s main filter system.
Recommended pool size    18 m
Filtration capacity    4800 gal/hour
Calculated ground speed    6500 sq.ft/hour
Cable length    100 ft
Wall mode cleaning option    Yes
Wireless remote     3 directions
Cleaning delay program    No
Pump motor    1
PVA brush option     Yes
Zero-depth air sensor    Yes
Infrared obstacle sensor    No
Auto shut-off timer    1-7 hours
Continuous cleaning option    Yes
Ultrakart JR    Included
Weight     17 lb

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