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Duramax RC

Duramax RC

The DuraMax RC is one of the most reliable automatic cleaners on the market. Its high-filtration vacuum power and large filter capacity are surrounded by a new, large body design focused on maximum durability, quicker cleaning and agility. Automatically vacuum and scrub the pool floor. User can add a 1 hour cleaning cycle delay and can adjust the cycle for 1-7 hours or Continuous Run to meet exact cleaning needs.

Recommended pool size    25 m
Filtration capacity    4800 gal/hour
Calculated ground speed    8790 sq.ft/hour
Cable length    120 ft
Wall mode cleaning option    Yes
Wireless remote     4 directions
Cleaning delay program    Yes, 1 hour
Pump motor    1
PVA brush option     Yes
Zero-depth air sensor    Yes
Infrared obstacle sensor    Optional
Auto shut-off timer     1-7 hours
Continuous cleaning option    Yes
Ultrakart  JR    Included
Weight     37 lb

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