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Hydrorider Roller Treadmill

Hydrorider Roller Treadmill

With its 308 independently-operated rollers, the Roller Treadmill has found no equivalent in aquatic treadmill all over the World. Unlike standard treadmills, this piece of equipment allows for more movement. In addition to walking and running, enjoy the back and forth movement of cross-country skiing, the lateral movements of scissors and so many other movements.

The Roller Treadmill can be used with the Aquabike Hydrorider PRO in interval treaning. With its simple design and marine stainless steel AISI 316L construction (rust proof), the Hydrorider Rollertrack
does not require any special care.

Dimensions, opened platform: Length 47” Width base 31” Height 51”
Dimensions, folded platform: Length 21” Width base 31” Height 51”

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