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Lifesaving Mannequin

Lifesaving Mannequin

The new lifesaving manikin has been completely redesigned. It is now more lifelike, more resistant and easier to use. Our manikin is made in Canada and conforms to all ILS (International Lifesaving society) equipment standards.

• Realistic morphology of face and neck which allows for a good grip at the nape of the neck and chin
• Head plug - hermetically sealed, easy to open, and stays attached to the manikin to prevent loss
• Good grip at the arms
• 4-pound weight, contains no lead

The contrasting white colour is actual moulded plastic and is NOT PAINTED on the manikin therefore there is NO scratching off of paint or loss of contrasting color.

A hermetically sealed chest-plug with a 2’’ opening allows for the manikin to be filled and emptied easily with water.

Bottom plug - opening of 2’’ and also hermetically sealed. Dead space on bottom of the manikin is minimal, which limits the quantity of water that is difficult to drain.

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