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MAGNUM pool cleaner

MAGNUM pool cleaner

Designed to clean every square inch of your pool utilizing our patented Aqua Smart System™. This cleaner is perfect for swimming facilities housing pools up to 25m in length like those found in many hotels and motels, schools and universities, hospitals and rehabilitation centers. It includes standard options such as a 3.5 hr or 5 hr timed cleaning cycle and a delay mode. The delay mode will actually delay the start for 2 hrs giving all floating debris a chance to settle before the machine starts cleaning your pool.

Recommended pool size    25 m
Filtration capacity    4320 gal/hour
Calculated ground speed    3150 sq.ft/hour
Cable length    120 ft
Wall mode cleaning option    Yes
Wireless remote     4 directions
Cleaning delay program    Yes, 2-3-4-5 hours
Pump motor    1
PVA brush option     Yes
Zero-depth air sensor    Yes
Infrared obstacle sensor    No
Auto shut-off timer    3-12 hours
Ultrakart    Included
Weight    28 lb

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