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Paragon Rectangular Observation Window

Paragon Rectangular Observation Window

An invaluable aid to swimming and diving instruction enabling coaches to observe swimmers and divers in action! These windows can be installed in any concrete pool (poured or gunite) and with any finish (plain, plastered, or tiled). The windows are set flush in the wall with no projections into the pool. Glazing can be either a glass laminate consisting of three plies of 3/8” thick tempered glass with clear plastic interfaces or a single thickness of 1 1/4” Plexiglas. Frame is constructed entirely of stainless steel. All windows are shipped factory-sealed and pressure-tested for water-tightness.

Standard Sizes
24 in x 24 in
24 in x 36 in
24 in x 48 in
24 in  x 60 in
36 in x 36 in
36 in x 60 in

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