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Regulatory Buoy

Regulatory Buoy

Our regulatory buoy is ideal for marking swimming areas or relaying important waterfront information. Its 9”-diameter polyethylene cylinder is white and resistant to UV rays. Designed to float upright with 30-40lbs of chain or equivalent weight, which allows for 28” of buoy visible above the waterline. When used to mark a swim-area zone, there is 36” of buoy visibile from the rope hole. Please note: signage must be purchased separately. See below.

Our buoy features the following:

- I nternal concrete ballast
- Recessed stainless-steel eyebolt at bottom of buoy, imbedded in internal concrete base
- Rope hole for use in marking swim areas
In order to convey your information, you must purchase the appropriate regulatory marks/signage. These orange vinyl decals (danger, information, controlled area, or exclusion area - 2” orange bands included) are used in conjunction with the appropriate made-to-measure black vinyl text. The following are available options: reflective yellow bands, owner identification (address) in black vinyl, and PRIV logo.

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